Mountain Portrait | Breckenridge, Colorado

This past week, my husband and I celebrated one-year of marriage.  Breckenridge was our getaway of choice for our special occasion.  We stayed at The Lodge of Breckenridge, which was literally built on a mountain side.  We had a picturesque view of the mountains right from our bedroom window.  It was great to wake up to that view every morning.  Our 3-month old daughter, Keira, wasn't complaining. =)

And of course I brought my camera gear.  I made sure to schedule a shoot out here!  Mariah, my beautiful cousin, was in town and nailed her mountain shoot.  Mariah's boyfriend, Elijah, was our great assistant.  He was holding my reflector and Mariah's wardrobe through the mountain forest.

Breckenridge was a very lively town.  People were out and about all hours of the day.  There were endless blocks of restaurants, healthy food shops, and boutiques.  We also ran into a string quartet, who come every year for the Breckenridge Summer Festival.  I was so glad we arrived in town before the festival kicked off, because traffic was starting to pile up during our last day in town.  I took some footage of the string quartet's final song for the day.  Since my filming skills are "okay", I left you with the audio.  Ha!  =D